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We create organic and ecological edible landscapes. With mother nature as our teacher, and extensive knowledge of edible plants, we develop beautiful food production systems that support your needs as well as the needs of the natural wildlife too. 

Is your land supporting your ideal lifestyle? It's our job to bring out the best in your land while meeting the visions and goals of you and your family members. We specialize in achieving balance between the context of your land, your food production goals, and your ideal lifestyle.

We love helping families, businesses and communities develop their land.  No matter the size of your budget or vision we will help you  create an edible landscape that is right for you. 


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Balanced and Creative Designs

Ecology and Education


Are We a Good Fit

Finding a good fit with our ideal clients is our number one concern. We want to get to know you and we want you to know us. We value clear communication, quality work, professional yet peaceful  fun-loving work environments. 

We place quality above quantity, and we pride ourselves on our meticulous work.  It's important that our clients understand the value that we can bring to your land.   It's also important that our clients understand that we are systems oriented. We have a set of systems in place to ensure that we  not only bring out the best in your land but that we clearly understand what you are trying to achieve with your land. 

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